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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I heart faces-photojournalism

Let me begin by saying I despise silly bands.  I swore I would never buy them for my children even when they begged me endlessly for them.  Then a stroke of genius hit me.  I thought I would make them a deal that they certainly couldn't come through on.  That way I was still a  totally awesome Mom without having to actually buy them the circulation ender bands.  I told my seven year old Blake if he hit a home run that night then I would buy all three of my kids silly bands.  DEAL!  They were all so excited.  Keep in mind, the furthest my son had ever hit the ball was enough to produce a double.  We were in the quarterfinals of the championship bracket and we were playing a really good team.  I thought I was totally covered.  Wrong.  The score was tied and it was Blake's last turn to bat.  He is a lefty and he NAILED that ball to right field.  This ball flew like it had grew wings and just kept going.  He rounded first, then second, then third...I couldn't even believe it!  There was my seven year old slugger crossing home plate...a HOME RUN!  This is one of my favorite photos.  EVER.  I don't know how I managed to even get it I was shaking and screaming with excitement.  He had won the game with his home run and earned silly bands for him and his siblings.  He later told me as he was rounding third the only think he was thinking was, "Silly bands, here I come!"  I learned my lesson.  Set goals really high for my children and they will probably surprise me!  Oh and never ever ever underestimate the power of a silly band.  For more entires head on over to I heart faces!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Double Trouble:: {McKinney Family Photographer}

Remember the adorable newborn twins we took photos of 6 months ago? If you don't they're splashed all over our website!  They were dressed adorably from head to toe with two other outfit kind of wardrobe!  These babies aren't even mine and I want to get a huge canvas made of this first photo and hang it in my house!  Thanks so much Amber for sharing your fabulous twins with us...enjoy your sneak peek!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

{T and D} sneak peek!:: {Dallas Temple Photographer}

Yesterday we had the privilege of taking photos of T and D after they were sealed for time and all eternity.  They made such a beautiful couple and made it look like we were enjoying 70 degree weather! It was SO hot yesterday, but we were able to get some great pictures.  T has a 9 year old daughter who was there as well, she was so happy for her Mom.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I heart faces-Too cool for school

This week over at I heart faces it's all about sunglasses!  I thought what better than a school themed sunglasses photo?  This is my Kali girl who is getting ready for Kindergarten!!  With her big black framed glasses she is just "too cool for school", but not really she can't wait to go!  For more made in the shade photos go to I heart faces!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Senior sneak peek {Cody}

Ok, I may be impartial but I think I have the best looking nephew around.  It's hard to believe he is actually a senior this year.  I've watched him grow up into a genuinely nice guy.  I can only hope my sons will turn out as fabulous as he did.  Cody brought his girlfriend along so we got some pictures of the two of them...seriously photogenic!  I had a blast hanging out with him and goofing around.  Enjoy Cody!

He's a very proud owner of his truck...

Debbie's Grandbabies

I had so much fun shooting pictures of these awesome kids.... secretly they are my kids, my nieces and  my nephews.  We had a great time on vacation and seeing them all was a blast... we finished it off with a fabulous photoshoot.  We miss you all so much!  Here's to Grandma Debbie's Grandbabies!

We were so excited to find this great
"E" prop because her last name starts with an E!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I heart faces...Surprise!

Who doesn't love a good surprise?  I absolutely love being surprised...and not with a surprise like-Surprise!  Here's a bill you weren't expecting this month.  I just love my kiddos and their willingness to put up with my ideas for i heart faces.  I was actually pleasantly surprised when they didn't put up a fight when I asked them to come along for my photo vision!  So here's my photo of being surprised- flowers from big brothers, who wouldn't love that? To see some more great surprises check out I heart faces!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goodbye Texas

One of my son's best friends is sadly moving away.  So, when his Mom asked me to take their pictures before they left I was so excited!  I have been so eager to take their photos and once you see the eyes on these two, you'll know why.  We are so sad to see them go, but we know we have made lifelong friends!  There were just so many great photos that you're getting quite a few... enjoy your sneak peek!