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Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it!  I found this fabulous new company called Photo Flavors who make fabulous actions and textures for photographers.  There was a contest that I entered and I just found out...I won!  Yeah!!  I entered a few photos for them to use on their before and after and they picked smiling Gavin the newborn as the winner.  Imagine my surprise when I saw they used several other photos to showcase on their website as well!  This was enough to get my week off to the right view the photos just click on their link, go to presets and then vintage family recipes.

I heart faces-Pet week

I am constantly amazed by Tank.  He is truly the best dog I have ever known.  He was hit by a car going 50 mph almost two years ago.  The truck just drove off and left him.  LEFT HIM.  The vet says it was a miracle he survived, he had rods going through his body and we knew it would be a  long recovery.  He was my brother's dog, but he needed a more permanent home with a loving family.  I said yes, we would take care of him.  However, it seems more like he is taking care of US.  He sleeps in my daughter's room and doesn't leave her side.  When she goes outside to play, he stays right by HER, watching her every move.  He is getting old.  My daughter adores him and I don't know how much longer he will be with us.  That is why I absolutely adore moments like this one.  Not many boys would play tea party on a hot June day.  Just another reason why we love Tank.  For more pet photos go to I heart faces!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The {C} Family-Sneak Peek

On friday we had the opportunity to photograph a great family.  It was so easy...almost too easy.  The kids were completely cooperative, well behaved and very photogenic!  The dad was reminding the kids about a funny story that happened on a recent trip and that REALLY got the kids laughing.  In our talking I found out that he actually grew up with my husband's family..what a small world!  Thanks C family for making things so easy and fun...enjoy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Announcing the newest member of Creatively Chic!

Meet Gavin!  Anne recently had a sweet baby boy and we were both anxious to take his pictures.  We knew we could try just about anything with him.  I was planning on taking photos at the birth and hospital, but little Gavin came SO quickly and without any warning that I couldn't make it.  They even got pulled over on the way to the hospital they were in such a rush.  Gavin was 3 weeks old before we could find a time to meet for pictures.  We were a little nervous as the ideal time to take pictures is before they are 10 days old.  He must have come to earth prepared to be a photographer's child!  We have never had such a sleepy, calm and happy newborn before.  We couldn't believe it when we got the biggest smile out of him! I would love to know just what he was dreaming about...enjoy the photos of the newest little guy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I heart faces-Teen week!

This week at i heart faces it's all about teens.  I loved being a teenager, I had a fabulous high school experience.  When I think of teens I think of fun, fresh, lively and energetic.  This photo is of one of my favorite teens in the world (one of my other favorite is her identical twin sister-must show equal love...).  This photo of Ashley makes me smile every time I see it.  Who couldn't have fun with her?  To see more teens head on over to i heart faces!

Dallas Photo Walk-Winna!!

By now I am sure you have all figured out that I am a huge fan of I heart faces.  They push me to try new things creatively and I have loved meeting other photographers and getting feedback from them. When they announced they would be doing a photo walk in Dallas I was SO excited!  We had a fabulous group of super fun people.  The best part?  Our photo leaders were Amy  (one of the co-founders of I heart faces) and Jenny.
Here we are at the start of our walk-it was SO hot, but it didn't matter.  Everyone was in a great mood!
(photo courtesy of Amy)

I finally got to meet Amy and she is just as fabulous as I knew she would be!  I hope she doesn't consider me too stalkerish...if you ever need fabulous digital printables her graphic design skills are sick!

I got to meet alot of other great photographers.  I instantly clicked with Amanda, she was so fun and we have so much in common.

Oh yeah, I even took some photos while I was there!  We had these three adorable models who totally hammed it up for the camera:

We ran into some of Dallas' finest-they were awesome and made us laugh!

After the photo walk everyone could submit three of their favorite photos.  They picked one winning photo from each walk-imagine my sheer joy when I saw they had picked mine!  Not only did it make my day...I got a $50.00 gift certificate to Blurb...score!  I snapped this moment of one of our models with her Dad.  What a sweet moment between the two of them.
Hopefully they'll be doing another photo walk soon...hint, hint Amy.  Or maybe we can find another excuse to hang out again?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Heart Faces...All about Babies!

I heart newborn photo sessions.  Since my youngest is almost 6,  I feel like I get my baby fix when I photograph newborns.  This is one of my favorite all time photos.  Meet twins Evie and Ellie (aren't their names the cutest?)  I was trying to get them both asleep and just as one fell asleep, the other would wake up.  To get your baby fix head over to i heart faces!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I heart Faces-Play!

Time to play!  This week over at I heart faces it's all about playing.  There's something about a dad playing with his kids that I absolutely adore.  We were having a family get together and I saw Chris out back throwing Cade up as high as he possibly could.  As a mother my first instinct was oh my goodness!  Then I saw the HUGE smile on his face and my instinct as a photographer thought...grab your camera!  What a fun way to play!  Get in touch with your inner child and see some more play photos at i heart faces!