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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I ♥ Faces* Hilarious Outtakes!

I LOVE hilarious outtakes's my favorite! I always have a hard time choosing just five, but after some time I've finally narrowed down my selection for your laughing pleasure. If you're in need of a good laugh go check out the other photos over at I heart faces!

We were SO into the Bachelor this year. Maybe it's because he lives down the street from my friend and we got to meet him...anyway we knew we HAD to have a bachelor finale viewing party this's our reaction after he picked Vienna- did anyone else out there feel the same way? (that's me on the right, I was so Team Tenley! Is anyone else singing On the Wings of Love right now?)

What a lovely picture of our cousin at Thanksgiving...check out who else wanted to be in the picture...Hello Mr. random gorilla!

My husband comes from a family of 6 boys...we can never seem to get a serious picture without getting one of these first...

Here's all of our kiddos...I just laugh when I look at this one!

This senior was a blast to work with, he just couldn't resist...


Sheryl said...

very fun outtakes!!

Elyssa said...

I LOVE all your entries!

tang91 said...

we were so Team Tenley, too!!! these are great!! thanks for sharing the laughs!!

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