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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The T family

What a fun photo shoot I had with the T family today! Stephanie has been so excited to get their pictures taken and I couldn't wait to do it!  It seemed to be the hottest day we've had yet here!  With a 7 year old and a two and one year old I knew they would have lots of energy!  I was amazed at well Cade (the 7 year old) did.  He kept finding new spots for us to take photos, I think he has a future as a model.  Enjoy your sneak peek!


Toni Elmer said...

what a super cute family!!!!!! i'm sure they love em!

Scott said...

Danielle, Thank You for your kind words. I truly enjoy photography, this week has been hard though.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow morning and the family said we could cancel due to our flooding. I resounded very quickly, telling her I NEEDED to shoot something...with my camera!

Once again, THANKS!

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